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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brandon's Birthday Party

The past weekend we had a birthday party planned just for Brandon. His actual birthdate was September 26th, but everyone was busy. At first, I was thinking of having the party at McDonald's. I called a few in my area (that have PlayPlayce), but they were all booked, each was saying they have about 15 kids. Wow! I didn't invite too many -- just 6 kids total. Funny thing is that all of my friends, either the mom or dad of the kids are at work. Even my Hubby was working that Saturday.

So I decided to have it at home with the help of my parents-in-law. It turned out pretty good and the kids behaved. The youngest one was 2 years old.

I did some last minute baking that same day early morning. I made individual chocolate cupcakes. The kids loved them, especially Brandon. Chocolate cake is his favorite. And I even printed out Disney Cars decorations just for presentation.

Brandon is 3 years old now! Wow! Time flies...

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