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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fisher-Price Cars Lightning McQueen Power Wheels

Oh, look what was delivered at our door! It's Lightning McQueen Fisher-Price Power Wheels! I was surprise to see such a HUGE box delivered by Purolator from CSNStores. I figured it was the Hubby who ordered it and he didn't even tell me nor discuss it with me about it. Yeh, he's full of surprises. Little Brandon saw the big box and he recognize the Cars logo on the side of the box. I had the picture on the other side of the box turned away on purpose, but Brandon was a smart one.

We purchased this item ourselves so this review was not sponsored by the company. I referred him to CSN Stores (now part of because I've dealt with them in the past and the customer service people are really helpful.

I wanted it before but Brandon was still a bit too small. Now that he is older (almost 3 years old), he is able to control things a lot better.  I guess this is an early birthday present for him? haha.

Hubby and I assembled it together the next day. It was a big box, but it was very light to maneuver.  The instruction manual was very straight forward and assembly was really easy. The only parts we put together are the front bumper, steering wheel, battery and stickers. We had a bit of trouble with attaching the front bumper because the holes didn't quite lined up. Since it was flexible plastic, one of us had to push down on it (to keep the bumper from popping out) while the other person put the screw in. We charged the battery overnight for 18-hours before first use.

The battery is placed under the hood just like a real car.

The tires were plastic as well, but I wish it had some rubber on it so it can have more traction. When the car went, the tires slip every time. There's a control handle inside the car on the right side that makes the car go forward or reverse. It was a bit jerky too because once Brandon steps on the gas pedal, it immediately goes.  Same thing with the reverse.  To stop the car, just release the pedal. It stops right away. I think the car should come with a seatbelt or a racing harness. Kids can get a whiplash.

Overall, Brandon had fun in his little new car. He just needs a bit more practice with the turns. There are a few different voice sound effects and my favorite was the "Ka-Chow! Ka-Ka Pow!" That was cute and funny!

* Talking voice of Lightning McQueen with racecar sound effects
* Speed at 2.5 mph forward and reverse on grass or hard surfaces
* Equipped with a high-speed lock out for beginners and power lock brakes
* Includes 6-volt battery and charger

Disclosure: The reviewed item was entirely purchased and paid for on my own. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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