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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brandon's Injury at Disney Store

We were at the Disney Store for the Cars 2 event to get our booklet stamped. After that, we walked around the store and Brandon stayed in his stroller. I was waiting for this lady to move over so I can get the boxed die-cast cars for my son Brandon. The lady's son/grandson (a little bit older than Brandon) had knocked down a few of the die-cast cars on Brandon's face while he was in the stroller. It happened so fast I couldn't avoid it. Poor little Brandon cried so hard. He told me his right eye really hurts.

The lady and her kid didn't even apologize to us. The other kid was also crying (demanding for the toys). Instead of talking to us and comforting the kids, they just walked away. The lady carried the kid out the store. It was REALLY rude! I was furious afterwards. I didn't get a chance to stop them because I was busy trying to calm down my little Brandon.

They sales associate saw it happen to and she apologized. It wasn't her fault. We didn't record any incident. I don't know if I should sue the company or go back to note the incident. I'm a little clueless (and still hurt that Brandon got injured).

Brandon now has a terrible bruised eye. I don't know if the sharp edge of the object even got his eyeball. Looks like the skull had protected him. I would've been really serious. I had to take Brandon to first aid. We went home when it was end of the day and I was still upset about what happened.

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