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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Word Wall HD Kids' App Review

Help your child develop early reading skills with Word Wall. Watch them develop into confident and strong readers. Helps beginning readers practice reading and writing skills through numerous funtastic activities!

Word Wall HD

Whether by assembling a jigsaw puzzle together in Jigsaw Words or playing a memory match game in Hide a Word, Word Wall provides hours of fun and practice in early reading skills engaging young readers to become successful and confident readers. There are over 75 sight words, and 12 word families with 65 word family words.

Word Wall helps early to beginning readers learn to read and write by:

* Hearing, visualizing, vocally repeating and writing down letters and words.
* Providing activities that cater to budding readers using multiple learning styles such as spatial, visual, tactile, language-oriented, logical, or rhythmic.
* Engaging kids with four well-designed reading games that reinforce recognition of age appropriate sight and word family words.
* Providing structured learning for ESL/EFL and special needs students to help develop or improve their reading and writing skills.

My favorite apps are the ones that can teach little Brandon alphabets and words (associated with pictures). I used to make hard copy flash cards before I because I did not own an iPhone or iPad to download apps. PunFlay's Word Wall app is like flash cards and is more fun because of the animation and the interactive games.  Brandon is good with his alphabet now, but is still a little young for learning words as he hasn't yet understand how to put them together. This will be early learning for him. He does like to learn to trace the letters of the alphabets though. Brandon's favorite is the puzzle game.

When I first saw the selecton "Writing ABC", I assumed it was a letter tracing exercise. It's actually more like letter puzzles where the child drags and drops the letter into the matching letter. Then it shows an object that starts with that letter.

With the "Writing Words", the child selects a letter in the choice and drag & drop in the space on the bottom to spell a word.

What I find that needs improvement:
The annoying thing is that each game/activity we tried to select would often crash. The app would just close and we had to start the activity over again. Brandon and I were trying to complete the activity and find out what is next and we couldn't get very far. I hope the developers would fix this bug.


1) See - young readers view letters and words along with a reference picture and visual cues. This reinforcement strengthens the association between the picture and the word helping them to remember and recall each word.

2) Hear - each letter and word is phonetically sounded out and repeated reinforcing letter-sound associations.

3) Say - young readers are prompted to say the words and repeat the words heard
repetitively, thereby helping to strengthen comprehension and memory skills.

4) Write - young readers generate narrative and writing skills that encourages visual and word connection.

Disclosure: I received a code to redeem for the above App at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to PunFlay and Emantras Inc. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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