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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geometry (Mathomatix) Kids App Review

I have loved PunFlay's kids educational apps since I was introduced to them. Whether it is free or paid, the creators know how to make it entertaining and fun for the kids (and adults). Here is another fun learning app. You can download it for free to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Geometry (Mathomatix)
Kindergarteners will enjoy learning about basic geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. And yes, we have several cute characters in the app that will make your little one coming back for more. The app’s content is in line with National and California educational standards. This makes it a perfect way to engage your child in some additional exercises to complement what he/she is learning in school.

The app comes with five activities that each reinforces concepts of shape.

Say Cheese: Kids will have fun tracing the shapes in this activity where a cute mouse is trying to get some cheese. Little ones will get a feel for drawing these shapes by tracing them and also learning about the number of sides the shapes have.

Sharkie Shapeater: Don’t be surprised if you are tempted to try this activity yourself. Simply tilt and help find Sharkie find a matching shape. Sharkie is a rather friendly shark who will gladly teach your little one his/her shapes.

Frog Jump: Frogs love lily pads, but this activity shows frogs jumping from one geometric shaped leaf to another. Kids will have to match the raft’s shape to the leaves. Once they get they get a match, they will love watching the frog leap and land on that leaf.

Match Mission: As the name indicates, kids will have to match the shape with the correct object in a series. There is an interesting array of objects that your child will easily recognize and match with the geometric shape that’s displayed on screen.

Munkee Munch: Kids will love dragging and placing food on the monkey’s plate. If it’s a triangle, then kids will have to choose a triangular piece of cake and place it on the monkey’s plate. A fun way to know that shapes can be found in our everyday lives. There are round cherries, rectangular pieces of pastry and interesting an assortment of objects that will keep your child engrossed in the activity.

At the end, kids can collect virtual rewards for completing the tasks.

I think this is a great app for little learners who is just learning about shapes and recognizing shapes from objects. Little Brandon likes the animated characters and sound effects (as always). He still gets some wrong, but he's just learning. He'll have some good practice to prepare him for preschool.

We had a little trouble figuring out tracing the triangle shape in the "Say Cheese" activity. It was the only shape I couldn't trace it all the way around continuously, which was a bit strange. I thought it might be a glitch. Looks like it's been fixed now. It only lets you drag & trace going one way (clockwise), but not the other way.

What I didn't like is the banner that seems to be in the way of the game or game selection. It's a free app so we have an ad banner. I wish the banner can be minimized or placed off to the side so that we can tap on the game link that's overlapping it. Here's a couple of snapshots of the banner that's "in the way":

* Kid-friendly
* Easy-to-use menu for kids
* Simple activities that offer a lot of practice to reinforce concepts
* Supplements Math concepts learned in school
* Blends California and National Standards
* 5 games in one package
* Attractive graphics and exciting animations

Disclosure: The above iTunes app was free to download. Thanks to PunFlay and Emantras Inc. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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