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Friday, April 15, 2011

Puppy & Bean's "I'm Indecisive" Toddler T-Shirt

Puppy & Bean Just Back from the Pre-Oscar Gifting Studio at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Puppy & Bean Gifted Hollywood Parents at Jayneoni Moore's Exclusive Pre-Oscar Gifting Studio in Beverly Hills, California February 25 and 26.

It was Oscar weekend in Los Angeles and the famous Beverly Hills Hotel Ballroom was the location where Puppy & Bean gifted celebrity parents at Jayneoni Moore's exclusive Pre-Oscar Gifting Studio February 25 and 26. Celebrity moms, dads and kids came out this weekend to pick up the hottest baby and toddler items at this fabulous event held each year before the premier awards show. For two days, the ballroom was filled with new baby and toddler items for celebrity parents.

Puppy & Bean, a Michigan-based children's t-shirt company, received phenomenal feedback on their new line of baby and toddler t-shirts. Some new fans are James VanDerBeek known for Dawson’s Creek; Kelly Rutherford (pictured) from Gossip Girl; celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe who dressed Anne Hathaway for the 2011 Oscars; Danica McKellar best known for her role in Wonder Years; Brendan Wayne from the upcoming film Cowboys and Aliens, and Outsourced stars Rizwan Manji and Anisha Nagarajan.

Jayneoni Moore is known for her elaborate events but in addition to the swag, her events support children's charities. The Oscar Studio collected princess dresses to create dress-up closets in local Ronald McDonald houses and the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. This year's Oscar event was definitely spectacular!

I received the "I'm Decisive" toddler T-shirt from Puppy & Bean. It was adorable on Brandon.

Description: With "NO" on the front and "YES (I'm Indecisive)" on the back, this tee represents classic toddler behavior! The only truth in parenting a toddler is that they reserve the right to change their mind (over and over again!).

Oh, I really love this T-shirt. That's what my little Brandon (and most other toddlers) like to say, especially "NO" to things they don't like. The T-shirt is thin and it's great for summer wear and can also be worn underneath long sleeves. With Brandon wearing the T-shirt around the house, it gives him a little attitude which I think is pretty funny. I took a few snapshots of him making faces at me.
What's also great is the quality of the printing. The text/graphic doesn't crack, it stays on, and it doesn't fade. Material is made with 100% preshrunk combed ringspun cotton and it is by Bella.

About Puppy & Bean

Puppy & Bean is a company that is created by a Mom of 2 boys, Nicholas and Owen. They were the inspiration for the Puppy & Bean name. She called Nicholas "Puppy" because, as a baby, he had long, gangly arms and legs that it seemed he would never grow into. Now of course, at seven, he is well on his way to doing just that! And Owen has been her little Bean ever since she saw him in his first ultrasound picture.

"When we started Puppy & Bean, we were looking for a way to reach out to all the Moms, Grandmas, Aunties and friends who work so hard to make the kids in their lives happy. We love our role as caregivers, but sometimes it's too easy to lose sight of the humor in life when faced with the daily challenges of parenting. Toddlers are complex little creatures . . . our t-shirts are meant to provide that moment of inspiration that reminds us why we do what we do . . . with a smile."

Disclosure: I received a toddler T-shirt from Puppy & Bean at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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