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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lunar New Year Potluck at Frog Hollow

Another busy day. I had registered to attend this Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) festival or potluck over at Frog Hollow Family Neighborhood House. It is the year of the Rabbit. This was my first time this year to attend this event since I missed out last year. Families were asked to make a dish and share it with everyone. I brought watercress dessert that I asked my Mother-in-law to teach me how to make. I don't know what it's called in English, but it's like a clear, golden brown jello texture with freshly chopped watercress and it's cut into cubes.

Before we got to eat lunch, we sang some children's songs and also took a tour (followed the Chinese lion) around the elementary school that's just next door across the street. We had a big group with lots of kids. Brandon seemed he enjoyed it. Oh yeh, and Brandon got to wear his traditional Chinese outfit for the occasion (just like some of the other kids).

Sorry I didn't get pics. I forgot to bring my camera. Sorry, these aren't the great pics because I took it from my phone. My phone camera sucks!

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