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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Backyard Swing Sets

When I heard that CSN Stores (now part of Wayfair.comhave backyard swing sets available, I was excited to go take a look. Little Brandon always loves to go on the swings every time we go to the park. Here's a photo of Brandon at 8 months and having fun on the baby swings.

Shopping for one through their website is so easy because you can just shop at home hassle-free and find the design that interests you. They offer free shipping (which is a bonus) on certain models and deliver directly to your door. Looks like there is a sale happening on the Flexible Flyer Swings. Check it out!

I think it would be so cool to have our very own swing set in our backyard. Brandon's friends can come over during the summer and the kids can enjoy it.

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