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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kid's iPad Apps from PunFlay

Punflaykids is a division devoted to developing iPad apps for young, growing children. These apps are meant to be for fun, holidays & special occassions and casual learning purposes.

Mr. Pinkerton

This app is about a story of Mr. Pinkerton, a cute and the fattest pig in the farm. He dreams of eating apples and worms; he dreams of sitting atop a hill and thinking about his life…he really is a classy pig. But Mr Pinkerton’s ambitions are cut short by the barn gate- it’s just too narrow for him to get out! Brandon enjoyed the story and he was expecting it was more interactive because he kept tapping the pig and the objects on the screen. I think this is quite a funny picture book that will keep the child happy with laughs.

• Kid-friendly art style & Animation
• Bright airy colors
• Cool physics - simply tilt the iPad and see what happens!
• Onscreen text
• Sleep Mode
• Fun and pleasant narrative style to capture storytelling sessions

Rhymes for Tots

I chose to try this out because I know Brandon loves nursery rhymes. There are 3 popular nursery rhymes (Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Hickory Dickory Dock) with many fun learning activities.

I was expecting more rhymes available other than just Humpty Dumpty. Each single rhyme consists of various activities such as an animated video, memory game, shape and dcounting game, and color recognition. If you want other songs/rhymes, you need to purchase them individually within the app.

• Animated video of 3 popular nursery rhymes
• Contemporary music
• Eye-catching artwork
• Text highlighting and voiceover
• Practice with preschool skills
• Activities to boost memory and concentration
• Improves perceptual visualization
• Develops phonemic awareness
• 5 different set of activities with each rhyme

Kandy Fish

This one is Brandon's favorite out of the three here.  There are quite a lot of colorful animations of fishes. Kids can learn to recognize colors as well as learning shapes and directions. It includes a nice little story with music. Text highlighting allows the kids to follow the story easily. Brandon enjoyed playing with the educational activities. The only one he had trouble at first was the matching pattern. He kept dragging the swimming fish and matching the same color of the other fish in the bowl. He'll soon learn what color fish comes next for the empty fish bowl.

There are 4 fun activities in this app:
    1) Kolor Pots - This is a color match activity that lets kids drag and drop fish in their respective colored paint buckets.

   2) Kandy Fun - This is a simple pattern recognition activity where kids try to figure out which color fish comes next to complete the pattern.

   3) Kandy Time - This is a great activity that can help develop hand-eye coordination and shape/directional recognition. Kids can trace a straight line, triangle, square, circle and directions.

   4) Kandy Kolor - This section let's kids paint and color pictures using a color palette. It allows kids explore their creativity and imagination with colors.

Currently, PunFlay has two FREE iPad apps available: Splosh and The Vitamin Adventures of Don & Flip.

Disclosure: I received a code to redeem for the above Apple iTunes Apps at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to PunFlay and Emantras Inc. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Kirsten said...

My daughter loves the iPad and I'm always looking for good apps for her- thanks Jennie!

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