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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potty Training Progress + Free Printable Potty Training Charts

Brandon is just a little over 2 years old now and he seems to be ready for the potty. He had been ready a while ago, but he didn't really behave so I stopped for awhile. I have been seriously potty training Brandon starting this week (Sunday Jan. 9). It's been four days now and he has been doing really good. I put him on his potty every 20-30 minutes.

Brandon's Progress:

Day 1: I had him sit on his potty once he wakes up from sleep or nap. He did it! Also tried 20-30 minutes after he drank liquids.

Day 2: Same routine as day 1; Kept asking him if he needs to pee. Sometimes there were small amount of urine in potty so I tried again 5-10 minutes later to have him sit on the potty.

Day 3: Same routine as day 1. We tried another solution by not letting him wear diapers (just pants); Kept asking him if he needs to pee and have him sit on the potty. He peed his pants later on and cried when he found out he did. He will start getting used to controlling his bladder.

Day 4: Same routine since day 1. I put him to the potty right after he wakes up. Again, asked him throughout the day (especially after drinking liquids) if he needs the potty. Tried in evening with no diapers again. He didn't pee in potty, but peed his pants again and cried. He figured out what happened.  He was able to tell me he wants to pee in the potty and I told him ok. He can pee in the cup while he was standing up (he was just standing in the tub just before his bath).

He's been a very good boy telling me he needs to go to potty, so I quickly go with him to the potty to let him pee in there. I was so happy he did it! He still wears diapers overnight and when we go out. So this was my potty training progress. Occasionally, he does forget to tell me and sometimes I realize that his diapers are already wet after I asked him if he has to go.


I've been rewarding him with stickers for his chart. To start, I'd give him a sticker if he is willing to sit on the potty. I'd let him choose the stickers and let him stick it where ever he wants there.  I didn't bother with the days of the week on the chart.

There are some FREE Potty Training Charts that I found online. These are very useful.

You can also create your own. These are a few that I create, but I'll post them later for you to download.

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