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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iPad App Review: Kindergarten Pencil-Pal by School Zone Publishing

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Prepare your kindergartner for school success using trusted educational content. School Zone Publishing Company has been creating children's educational products for over 30 years.

Why buy multiple apps to get your child a coloring program, a learning game, dot-to-dot puzzles, and educational videos? School Zones Kindergarten learning app has all of that and more!

Your child will touch, listen, laugh, and learn as he or she discovers important skills through play and practice. Pencil-Pal Kindergarten will introduce your kindergartner to a clubhouse full of activiti. Josie Jaguar and the rest of the clubhouse gang will help your child sharpen essential skills in no time. After all, its more fun to practice letter sounds, counting, patterns, and more with friends! As your child follows these loveable friends around the clubhouse, from the movie theater to the art studio, he or she will gain essential early reading and math skills.


Since I got my new iPad, I've been constantly looking for some good educational apps for toddlers that Brandon would like and learn from it. I've tried many free apps (lite version) to see if we both like them before purchasing the full version.  I was a bit disappointed to find many of them were a bit boring or useless to me and some that didn't interest Brandon. I realized that he likes the kind of apps that have animation and interactive games where he can tap or drag objects or books that get him to feel like he's part of the story.

We were given the opportunity to try out School Zone's Kindergarten Pencil-Pal iPad App. What's nice with this one are the animations. Brandon loves the animated, talking animal characters and the colorful scenes. There are short videos that is available in the app and they are quite funny and entertaining. Some of the videos look old and are a bit fuzzy. I wish it had better quality.

Brandon is learning to recognize letters and especially numbers. The games were a bit challenging for him. I would help him out a little bit. He's almost 2-1/2 years old and he finds some of the preschool games a bit easy -- he usually knows the answers, so the Kindergarten Pencil-Pal app is perfect for his level. I wish the app would include the letter-tracing to teach how to write letters or numbers, but I think there is a separate app for that from School Zone Publishing. The doodle and drawing section is great. Brandon loves to draw and color. I would also show Brandon how to write a letter and he tries to copy what I do, so that works well. Overall, I would rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.


- Dot-to-dot puzzles
- 12 educational videos
- Drawing & coloring activities
- Jokes & riddles
- Audio prompts & encouragement
- Animated characters
- Delightful music
- Colorful graphics

- Beginning letter sounds
- Counting
- Letter and number sequencing
- Pattern-making
- Rhyming
- Greater than and less than

Disclosure: I received a code to redeem for the above Apple iTunes App at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to Junger-Godfrey PR and School Zone Publishing. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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