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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Review on Pui Ying Chinese School at Maquinna

Today was the end of the 1st term of Chinese School at Brandon's school and I will not be registering him for the next term. I've talked to his teacher if we can get our workbooks books back because she hasn't return them for the past couple months. Maybe she misplaced them. I paid for the classes and books so I will ask for all the copies. For a while, Brandon wasn't able to do any weekly homework assignments without them.

Of course, Brandon hasn't been very happy nor always looking forward to go to Chinese school every week since we changed schools. I feel his pain and I hate seeing him getting upset every week.  I don't want to force him. I want him to have fun learning (like he used to at the other school).

I also spoke with the Chinese school principal and mentioned that we will not be back next term. She asked me why and I simply said we have other after school programs that Brandon is participating. Her response wasn't what I expected. She told me that those programs are not important and it's a waste of time (especially about the art class where you just sit and draw). That's what she actually said to me. She then gives ME a lecture and goes on and on about not continuing the Chinese learning. I said that I will continue to have Brandon learn the language at a different time. For that, she just tells me that it's better to keep it continuous and that the break from the learning will affect him and falling behind.

I think that the Chinese school system (particularly at this school) is very poor compared to our previous experiences at other schools. It's actually the way the instructors teach and how the Chinese school principle applies her ideas. Brandon doesn't seem to be learning anything at all.

For the exams, the teacher just give them straight answers and the Chinese school principle says it's no problem. I don't think Brandon is really learning anything and I'm just wasting my money.

Sorry I had to rant...

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