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Monday, January 12, 2015

Hasbro Transformers Construct-Bots: Dinofire Grimlock and Optimus Prime {Review}

Hasbro's Transformers Construct-Bots sets lets you create your favorite Transformers characters and customize them. Little Brandon received this Dinofire Grimlock and Optimus Prime Construct-Bot set as a Christmas gift. We started building it together. It took a lot of time to build. What's cool with these sets is that you can even create your custom bots by adding/using parts from other Construct-Bots sets, which are sold separately.

Then we realized that were was a piece missing that attaches the dino's arm to the body. The other side of the same piece have broken off. I contacted Hasbro through their website and requested the missing parts. I sent a photo from the instruction guide of the missing piece with the other details. One of the customer service rep got back to me via email the next day and said that he will send me the replacement. This was my first time contacting the company to resolve an issue and I really like their quick and friendly service.

Our missing pieces finally came in the mail. I was very happy to get our figure completed until I realized the pieces were not the correct size. Oh bummer! The ball joint was too small.

I contacted Hasbro again with response to the first request and sent them that photo. They told me the original part was not available (as they searched for it in their warehouse) and offered me an exchange. And if the set is out of stock or no longer in production, they would send me a different Transformer set of the same value. My thought was to keep the set we have because it was Little Brandon's favorite character.

What I decided to do is to hotglue the parts in place. We played it for a bit, but the arms and legs keep coming off. The pieces were a little flimsy and easily fell apart. Little Brandon can play with the dino head where it shoots out fire missles. In my opinion, it doesn't seem to be meant for playing (not the rough kind) and is rather more for display. Little Brandon and I decided to keep it in our display case with the other "display only" figures and die-casts.


The mighty Dinobot Tyrannosaurus Rex Grimlock is one of the most ferocious warriors in the universe. Dinofire Grimlock lets you imagine you're blasting Decepticons with firepower worthy of the Dinobot king. Fire missiles from the light-up Firebreath Launcher and imagine you're unleashing a fireblast from the giant T-Rex's jaws, or use the rotating rapid-fire, side-mount cannons! The included Optimus Prime figure fits on the back of the Dinobot when the Grimlock figure is in T-Rex mode. Unite the Autobot and Dinobot leaders to create a force no Decepticon can stop, and ride into battle together.

WHERE TO BUY: You can find the set at your local toy retailers, Toys-R-Us and

Disclosure: The above mention product was either purchased on my own or a gift from a family member. I received no compensation nor other products for this review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.

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