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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

16" Lightning McQueen Bike Review

Last month we bought 16" Lightning McQueen Bike from toys-R-Us for half price at $59.99. It was time for Little Brandon to have his own bike and learn to ride it. We picked it up brand new, packed in a box. It was not assembled. We didn't want to to wait for days for the store people to assemble for us, so we brought it back home and did it ourselves. It took some time, but it wasn't so bad. The only tough part to do was the putting together the brakes.

Steel rear suspension frame
Handlebar pad and number plate
Front caliper brake, rear coaster brake
Training wheels

The whole bike felt durable. Brake was on the left handle so it was a little awkward since Brandon was right-handed. That's how the instructions were. I'm pretty sure it can be adjusted for the right handle as well.

Riding on the gravel was not too great because the bike kept getting stuck with the training wheels on. Little Brandon fell off because he turned a little too fast and tipped over. Luckily he jumped off before the bike landed on the side.  After a few runs, I think the left training wheel nut became loose from the fall.

Tuesday was School strike day so we spent the day with Little One's 2nd cousin. First time riding bike together. Little One cried when we got home because he already miss her.

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