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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Educational App Review: Lola Panda's Math Train 2

I wanted to mention a new educational app, Lola's Math Train 2, that just released February 6th. I had the chance to try it out with Little Brandon and it was quite fun!

Lola Panda’s Math Train 2

Learn Counting, Addition, and Subtraction with Lola!

Lola is back for even more math train adventures in Lola’s Math Train 2! Even more challenging and even more fun than the best-selling original! Take your child’s arithmetic learning to the next level, with games that range from simple addition and subtraction, all the way to challenging logic puzzles and multiplication! Hop on board and join Lola Panda on a new Math Journey!

Lola’s Math Train is the sequel to Lola’s Math Train 1 and is designed to help a child continue their education journey.

Lola’s Math Train 2 is designed for children between 6-8 years old. The game starts with easier tasks of addition and number sequencing, then gets more challenging when the child’s skills improve. After finishing each set of math tasks, the player gets to choose an outfit for a fun costume party!

New to this app, BeiZ has added technology that allows the game to self adjust in difficulty depending on the success or needs of the child. As they do better, the questions get harder and if more practice is needed the game will remain at the level until it’s achieved. At the end of each game the results are shown in an overall rating scale to assess how the child has done which allows for parents to see the achievements of their kids within the game!

I love the cute characters and the interface design. When Brandon tested it out, he told me that it was too hard for him at first. He's 5-1/2 years old so it is a little more challenging for him. He just needed to pay attention more. I assisted him and he was able to understand it right away.  Kids can earn virtual rewards. We did the app together and I also sometimes reward him for the great work he did: things like a trip to the library, a treat, stickers, hugs, etc. It's also perfect for keeping Brandon busy and learning while waiting at the doctor's office.

Disclosure: I was provided an iTunes code of this app in exchange of my review in this post. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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