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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Visit to the Children's Hospital

It was the day of the Brandon's appointment to see the dermatologist at BC Children's Hospital. He's been dealing with severe eczema on his hands and legs for a few months now so the dermatologist prescribed a new med as well as refills on the ones we had. Meds prescribed were Elocom Ointment, 2.5HC with Creamy Vaseline, Fucidin Ointment, Betamethosone Valerate, and Cyclocort (for scalp). Brandon mainly uses the 2.5% HC cream (daily). The ointment, although greasier, works better (but also more expensive). That I use every other day if needed. I just hope his skin condition improves soon.

I almost forgot to mention that our dermatologist also gave us these notes:
- bathe daily in the tub
- DO NOT use bubble bath, shampoo in water, and any scented baby skin care products
- use unscented soap or body wash such as 'Dove for Sensitive Skin' or Cetaphil
- pat dry

Eczema Bleach Bath Care:
Use an household bleach (Clorox, Javex, etc.)
- add to bath 2-3 times per week: 1/4 cup household bleach to water
- for hands and feet only: 1 tsp household bleach for every 2L of water

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