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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elfishki Big Halloween Spooky Decorate Cake Game for iPad

Elfishki™ Big Halloween Spooky Decorate Cake Game 2013

In this app, you will find 24 Animated Spooky objects, including skulls, bugs, ghosts, pumpkins, and even a voodoo doll! Really cute! Create the Halloween Cake and show off your creation to your relatives and friends by sending them a Spooky Halloween Card with your Cake in it. Kids will LOVE creating their own Spooky Halloween Cake! See how imaginative your child can be.

The App is available to download for iPad for FREE.

Also, a note to everyone that a brand new interactive Fairy Tale for iPad - "Elfishki and The Strange Parcel" will soon be released on the iTunes App Store. Watch for it in the upcoming weeks! In this new fairy tale you will follow Pickly and Ginger as they try to deliver the most unusual package they have ever seen.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this post. I was provided info from the PR firm to share. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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