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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guest Post: 5 Activity Ideas For a Toddler's Birthday Party

The following is a guest post by Mike Neil. Thank-you Mike for your time in putting together this  article. 

When you are arranging your toddler's birthday party, you need to be prepared to engage the young ones in some interesting activities. Otherwise you run the risk of your young guests getting bored and throwing tantrums.

Here are five tips to engage your young guests:

1. A story telling session:
Tales of adventure and magic captivates young children. Hire a good narrator who can make the story come truly alive, and have them pick a story with a good message and a strong spirit of adventure. Horses, unicorns, dragons and other magical creatures should keep them enthralled for quite some time. A conquering hero, his friend and his pet make for a truly engaging story that will let their imaginations fly. But be careful to avoid the done-to-death stories like Harry Potter tales, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc.

2. Bouncing Castle:
A bouncing castle can be fun, whatever the age of the child; in the case of the toddlers, they can fall about looking adorable and cute, have independent fun for a few minutes without hurting themselves. So hire a large bouncing castle and let them loose. You too can relax because it is one of the few places where a toddler is safe from harm.

3. A day at the Park or Zoo:
Animals fascinate young children. Set up a birthday party for your toddler in the designated area in the local zoo, along with fun rides and a trip in the toy train, if available. Alternately, you can arrange a party on your own lawn, and have a local petting zoo visit and set up animal areas and corrals.

If you are going with the latter idea, ensure that all food is eaten before the petting zoo arrives. This will help to ensure that there are no mishaps. There is the chance that the animals might become excited at the sight of all the food and the handlers will have a tough time controlling them. If the animals become aggressive and act out, some child could become terrified and start bawling. That will be the death of the party.

4. Crafts and Fun:
Engage a party coordinator or facilitator who can help you find a good crafts person; this person should be able to engage the children with interesting but simple do-it-yourself projects like coloring, painting something or fixing something. As we are dealing with toddlers here, they can't be allowed to handle scissors, even craft scissors. So the person should be able to come up with fun ideas for crafts; maybe select a paper color they like and stick pieces to make a picture as a memento. The children will surely enjoy that!

5. Decorating their food:
If you want to keep toddlers engaged, give them something to do that is colorful and messy. They will have the time of their lives and they will look so cute when they do something that requires concentration. Give them little cup cakes to decorate with flavors, colors and items they like. Have eye-searing colors in stock, with beads, flowers, birds, shark fins, spiders, and the like. This will appeal to their sense of adventure and you can't go wrong!


Mike is a father of two with a passion for parenting, and child development. Over the last 4 years, Mike has been actively blogging and published numerous articles on baby toys.

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