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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get set for a deep sea sonic boom - Recess Monkey's "Deep Sea Diver"

Poised to launch a delicious bouillabaisse of aquatic adventures, celebrated independent children's recording group Recess Monkey takes to the sea with their ninth studio CD, Deep Sea Diver (Monkey Mama, $14.99, for ages 2 - 8, run time 42 minutes).

Deep Sea Diver is Recess Monkey's "blue album," an ocean-themed recording set in a submarine that plumbs the musical depths of the sea before becoming shipwrecked on the beach of a distant lost island. Conceived as "the Recess Monkey-est Recess Monkey album ever," Deep Sea Diver is filled with a boatload of the band's over-the-top, super zany, clever, high-energy songs that deliver lots of synth, funk, and everything in between, all written and produced with a high degree of seaworthy musical and creative artistry.

Joining Recess Monkey's Jack Forman and Drew Holloway on Deep Sea Diver is new band member Korum Bischoff, a truly awesome drummer who offers a dynamic contribution, not only to Recess Monkey's overall energy and to Deep Sea Diver's explosion of rhythmic intensity, but also to the album's concept.

Says Korum, "I grew up living aboard a sailboat docked at Bainbridge Island, Washington, so Deep Sea Diver's theme felt like coming home! While other kids played ball in the yard, I was fishing, rowing, poking at creatures on the pilings, and having epic pirate battles aboard my floating home. Now I get to share all this with a slew of kids who might never experience that lifestyle."

Deep Sea Diver ships out with an up-tempo, "powered by rhythm" dance tune, "Tambourine Submarine," and then transports passengers to a deep-in-the-sea music venue known as the Coral Club, where a drum-playing fish ("Fish Sticks") can play every kind of music on his underwater drum set. There's a quick segue into the super tight vocals and Latin beat of "The Deep End," followed by the Spoon-inspired, high-energy "Beach Ball." Other highlights include a great sing-along, "Choral Reef" (not a typo; this coral reef reverates with a mastery of the choral arts) and "Stranded," a laid-back, oceanic track with a distinctively '60s sound, featuring stunning orchestrations by Jherek Bischoff and a hint of what's to come on Recess Monkey's October 2013 release, Desert Island Disc.

Deep Sea Diver will be available June 18, 2013 at,,,,, iTunes,, Silver Platters, Sonic Boom Records, and Barnes & Noble.

Highlights - Summer 2013

July 16                 Madison Square Park,  New York, NY
July 17 & 18         Wolf Trap Theatre-in-the-Woods, Vienna, VA
July 20                 The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC
August 3              Rox in Sox Festival, Lake Oswego, OR
August 10 & 11    The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA
August 12            Edward Kenley Amphitheatre, Layton, UT
August 17            PEPSapalooza, Everett, WA
Sept. 21 & 22       Life is Good Festival, Canton, MA

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