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Friday, March 15, 2013

Children Learning Reading Program {Review}

Did you know that you can teach kids to read at such a young age (starting as early as 2 years old)? I was recently introduced to Children Learning Reading, a program developed by Jim Yang and his wife Elena (who have 3 children of their own). I was given the opportunity to try out this program with my son Brandon. We received 4 ebooks: Children Learning Reading Stage 1, Children Learning Reading Stage 1 Lesson Stories, Children Learning Reading Stage 2, and Children Learning Reading Stage 2 Lesson Stories.

The Lesson Stories (stage 1 and 2) include short stories with colorful illustrations that I think are really cute. We also downloaded MP3 audio of letter sounds. Developing phonemic awareness is one of the most important aspects that's essential to achieve reading success. Phonemic awareness deals with phonemes which are the smallest units of sound.

I have the PDF files in my iPad. So when I'm out at Brandon's grandma & grandpa's or when we are on our little road trip, this keeps him busy.

After a month, Brandon is slowly learning how to read on his own. At first it was harder than I thought. It took lots of time and effort and commitment. It was tough because Brandon wouldn't co-operate or was unable to focus. He was very easily distracted.  He just had to get used to it. He loves listening to story books, but he didn't have the interest to learn to read it himself. I had to be patient. Every child develops at different paces. Now, Brandon is getting a hang of letter sounds and becoming more fluent with the words. He mastered letter sounds, but is still slowly learning with the letter/word blending. Some words were still a little hard for him.

After a several weeks of practice (just 10-15 minutes each day), Brandon was able to read a short simple sentence. It's a little struggle so I gave him hints. I was so proud of him for getting this far. I tell him that he'll get better if he keeps practicing saying it aloud. I wanted to record a video to share, but Brandon doesn't like to co-operate when I'm pointing the camera at him. I'll post it someday! Now that spring break is here, I have some more "teaching" time with Brandon.

The program not just for learning how to read, it also helped improved his behaviour and Brandon is starting to listen better and paying attention more. He finally gained interest in learning and focusing on how to read because he want to be able to read his favorite books to me one day all by himself.

To learn more about this program visit

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the ebooks on the Children Learning Reading program in exchange for my honest review in this post. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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