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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I Spy with Lola" Kids Educational App Review

I've always love to find out what educational apps are available. It's great learning fun for little Brandon and myself. Here's a great app by BeiZ Ltd. called I Spy With Lola. This one is more like a casual game where kids find objects on the screen.


Join Lola Panda as she travels around the world in her first I Spy adventure app! Visit Lola’s friends in different countries to help her find hundreds of hidden objects along the way.

I Spy With Lola is a multi-leveled game that will provide an educational challenge for kids of all ages! Start the game in the easy level where young children can practice object identification and word association. As they advance,challenge them to find objects associated to letters helping to unlock new locations. Older players can also test their skills in the hard level by solving creative riddles to find the hidden items!

Start your journey in Hawaii, collecting souvenirs and coins from each completed task and use those to unlock additional exotic locations. Find a fan in Japan, or a lantern in Yellowstone. Maybe even a lizard in Egypt! Each locale is beautifully animated with ample visual and spoken instruction and a unique catchy soundtrack.

Here's what you find in the app:

- Find hundreds of hidden objects from around the world
- Three difficulty levels for children ages three and eight years old
- High-quality graphics and animation
- Spoken and easy to understand instructions
- No in-app purchases - Unlock new locations as achievements are met!
- Available in six languages

Brandon just loves this game. It's fun and interactive. I think it's a good way to learn to recognize objects and listening to the sound of the words as well. Occasionally when we're in the car (not using iPad or any mobile device), he'll ask to play an "I Spy" game like pointing objects he sees in the car or while on the road. For an example: "I spy with my little eyes something blue." And then he'll point out the color of his schoolbag.

You can download and purchase the app for only $0.99 HERE. There is a FREE lite version if you want to try it out first.

Disclosure: I was given a code to redeem for the mentioned app in exchange for my review. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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