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Thursday, July 12, 2012 Funding For Your Online Business

Did you think I meant to spell cabbage? There's no spelling error here. This company that spells it with a 'K'. Kabbage is dedicated to providing established online sellers with access to capital they can use to grow their business.

Kabbage business financing provides working capital to online sellers to help their businesses grow, in the form of a cash advance. They currently support sellers on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Shopify, and Etsy. You can sign up and create a FREE account and have cash in your Paypal account in less than 10 minutes, or your business checking account (via ACH) in 3-5 business days. Many people have used it very successfully to fund expansions to their business.

Kabbage cash can be used for whatever you want/need to grow your business. Many people use it for purchasing inventory, advertising, hiring help, upgrading their equipment, and even using it to take a business class or attend a show. This is great if you have a small online company or want to start an online business. It's simple to use with no hassles. There's no obligation.

Benefits & Features:
- Free to Sign Up.
- Fast and flexible.
- Safe and secure.
- No dealing with traditional banks trying to get approved on a loan.
- Kabbage provides 24 hour access to funds to grow your business.
- You are only charged a fee when you take money.

What are the costs? The company doesn't charge interest, but they do charge an advance fee. Below shows a chart based on a simple 6-month Kabbage Advance.

Click here for futher details.

Kabbage also offers The Kabbage Affiliate Program that allows you to earn commissions from qualifying sales when you refer customers that sign up on Kabbage. Membership is free.

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