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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tutorspree: Find Great Tutors For Your Kids

I recently stumbled on a site called TutorSpree, which is like an online market place where you can find high quality tutoring. It's really convenient and a great place for parents to find a private tutor or tutors looking for students.

If you are a tutor, you can sign up as a tutor and create your own profile on TutorSpree.

How Does It Work?

Tutorspree acts as a liaison between tutors and potential students, marketing your skills and helping tutors build a customer base. Unlike a traditional tutoring agency though, tutors set their own rates and schedules and keep the healthy majority of their billable hour.

Lessons are scheduled through their site and in-depth tutor profiles help highlight a tutor’s background and accomplishments. TutorSpree acts as a third party that holds funds and pays them to teachers after a lesson, guaranteeing a safe and secure transaction.

On the website, you can browse tutors by location and/or by subject. For example: I live in Vancouver, BC so I enter the city/location in the space at the top where it says "Help me find a tutor in..." and then press 'Go'. It instantly shows me a list of tutors with the names, location, profile images, and a short bio. If the results show you nothing, you can contact TutorSpree by calling 1-888-886-2508 or fill out an online form to request a tutor.

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