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Monday, June 4, 2012

4Cats Art Studio - Frog Hollow Preschool Field Trip

It was an exciting day, especially for little Brandon (as well as his preschool classmates). All of us met up at 4Cats Art Studio in Vancouver (near 12th Ave. and Commercial Drive). This was our first time at this place. It looked really neat with all the different kinds of artwork displayed on the walls at the studio. The kids were doing splatter painting and everyone got messy. Of course, we were told about it and were prepared for it.

The children started with pastel drawing for a little while.

The children sat down to choose colors for their canvas. Brandon chose green shades.

Then went onto splatter painting in one of the art rooms.

I love those amazing and colorful splatters that all the kids made. We don't get to do this at home because we never let Brandon get this messy.  At the end of the art session, each of the kids received a copy of 4CatsArt Magazine.

Big thanks to Rebecca and Laurinla for teaching the kids.  And special thanks to Reliance Insurance for providing the preschool program with funds for this fieldtrip.

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