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Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainbow Crow: An Interactive Storybook for iPad

Punflay / Emantras has just released a new storybook app and I had the opportunity share it with you. This app is available for the iPad.

Rainbow Crow

This Native American story is all about beauty, sacrifice, and courage. It tells the story of Rainbow Crow who as chosen to go to the Creator and plead with him to undo the creation of snow. But was it possible for it to be undone? What did the Creator say and what happened to Rainbow Crow’s beautiful feathers? Read the story to discover Rainbow Crow’s courageous mission.

The Rainbow Crow has captivating illustrations and a heart-warming story that will appeal to budding readers. The app is suitable for kids in elementary school who enjoy reading stories from different cultures.

•Beautifully crafted illustrations
•Kid-friendly navigation
•Developmentally appropriate activities
•Helps with image visualization

Little Brandon got excited when I told him we have a new iPad storybook to read. We've read it as his bedtime story. I like the colorful illustrations and the scrambling of the letters at the beginning and end of each paragraph read. I thought that was pretty neat. Brandon was expecting more of a touch and swipe animation for the pages. We didn't finish the story the first night and Brandon didn't seem too excited. I think he's probably tired and because he's sick with the cold. Poor little guy.

In the app, I did notice a green rectangle at the bottom and was a bit distracting. Not sure what that is. I thought it might've been extras for activities or games related to the story.

Disclosure: I received a code to redeem for the above App at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. Thanks to PunFlay and Emantras Inc. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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