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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brandon's First Car Ride Experience in Mommy's Honda

Okay, it's been nearly 3 years since I've cancelled my car insurance on my Honda Civic. I didn't sell the car because I wasn't serious about selling it and because I'm still attached to it. So much has been done.

Anyways, I want to share about little Brandon's experience. He already knows it's a Honda because he recognizes the emblem. Now that I bought temporary insurance (3-months), I was able to take Brandon around in my car. His first car ride experience, this is what he said:

"Mommy's car is loud."
Okay, it's because I had the front windows down since I didn't have the A/C installed. I left it out long time ago when I was still modifying my car and did a bit of races at the track back then. Yeh, the engine/exhause is louder too.

"Mommy's car is so nice."
I think it was the shiny paint job or either the shiny rims that caught his attention. I did get the car wash finally after sitting in the garage for 3 years. You could not believe how dusty it was.

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