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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time for an Upgrade: TV Stand with Storage Cabinets

It's time for new furniture. Oh, how I hate looking around for furniture. Little Brandon's Disney movies collection is growing. Now we need to browse for a new multimedia storage cabinet to put in the playroom. Our TV stand is super old and is actually falling apart. I almost forgot that one of the back wheel is breaking through the wood. It's currently being supported by another wooden board for now. There are many different styles & designs for the TV stands so looking for the perfect one isn't easy.

Here's a couple of snapshots of our old furniture in Brandon's playroom.

There's a reason why I put toys and boxes near the shelves (and the TV): to keep Brandon from climbing into there and grabbing the DVDs and other things. I need a closed or covered storage cabinet.

I came upon (formerly, an online website of over 200 stores and shopped around. They have a great selection of products. I found a couple of the TV stands with storage cabinets that I really liked, but I still can't decide which one I like more. Which one do you like? Send me a comment and I'll see which has the most votes.


The closed cabinets would be perfect to keep the DVDs and video games from dust. It would also help keep Brandon from taking the DVDs out from the open and prevent breaking or scratching them.

Next, to look for a flat screen TV to go with the stand (when I can afford it).

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