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Friday, December 24, 2010

Brandon's First Dental Check-up

It was Brandon's actual first dental check up. I had my appointment also on the same day to have my teeth checked and cleaned. Brandon was very cooperative and he was patient while getting his teeth polished. Daddy was there with him while I was in the other room just beside his. For being a good boy, the dentist gave Brandon a toy and a new toothbrush.

Here are a few photos that daddy took on his mobile phone. Brandon was asked to wear protective glasses during the treatment.

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Kathy said...

I guess Brandon did well during the dentist visit. He looks so calm and cooperative in these photos. My son, Jared, loves to visit the dentist for cleaning and check-ups. His first dental visit was in the office of our favorite dentist in Jackson, TN. The hygienist cleaned his teeth and the dentist said Jared is cavity-free. Since he's not afraid of dentists (Jackson, TN-based), I'm so proud to say that we never had problems requesting him for dental visits.

Anonymous said...

It seems Brandon behaved well in his dental visit. How you did prepare him for his dental visit? Well, whatever it is, it must be effective. Brandon seemed to be relaxed and cooperative the whole procedure. Good luck on his next visits!

Lashon Condray

Harry said...

Brandon looked a bit tensed, but it's a good thing he managed to behave well and cooperate. Looks like you've prepared him well for his dental visit.

Harry Bronson

Fred Collinsworth said...

He looks nervous, but any parent would be proud of him. He is fighting his fright with the injections, I suppose. A brave young boy!

Fred Collinsworth

Nannie Livingstone said...

Your boy is looking good with those shades on. Heheh. I actually agree with Harry and Fred, he does look nervous. But we should applaud him for his courageous act in facing the dentist on that dental chair. Good job, Brandon!

Nannie Livingstone

Avis Charland said...

The first time will always be when you’re most nervous, but Brandon did a good job of staying as calm as he could. I’m sure, after a couple more visits, and he’ll get the hang of it. It really takes some time, and some getting used to before you can develop a habit.

Avis Charland

Albert bob said...

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