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Monday, September 7, 2009

Brandon's got New Clothes

It was early sunday morning when Brandon and I woke up and the Hubby decided to go cross-border shopping/road trip the very last minute. It was also the long weekend so there was a Labor Day weekend sale. We bought mostly clothes and a pair of Nike shoes for Brandon. Brandon is about size 5, but we bought size 6. So by the time he starts walking, he'll grow into them. He's got big feet! We were lucky to find a size 6 WIDE. There was the only one left. I am happy with the purchases as I got a great deal. Carter's had a 50% off entire store sale; plus I got an extra 20% off (with my online coupon I printed) since I spent over $50.

These are such cute shoes.

And Brandon got to ride in those car rides in the mall with Garfield.

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