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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teaching Your Baby to Spoon Feed

When your baby is about a year old (between 11-18 months), you can start introducing him/her to the spoon. Sometimes they watch their parents with silverware and tries to imitate what they see. Once your baby has learned to self feed finger foods, it's time to move on to letting him have the spoon. Baby Brandon has already self-feed finger foods at 9 months. I give him bits of cookies/Mum-mums on his tray and he would grab it with this fingers and put it in his mouth.

You can let your baby play with a plastic spoon. It is a bit difficult at first, but he/she will soon learn to hold the spoon properly by showing him and repeating the process. I somtimes put a bit of food on the spoon that he holds and showing him and help him lift his spoon to his mouth.

If your baby makes a mess, don't get upset. Let him/her get messy. What I like to use to keep his clothes clean is have him wear a bib or feeding shirt with sleeves. You can buy it at Toys-R-Us or IKEA. I bought mine's (Barnslig Rand Bib) from IKEA for $5.99 /2 pack.

Here's a video I took of my little baby Brandon spoon-feeding himself for the first time.

More of my YouTube Videos can be seen here.

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