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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Long Weekend Adventures: Dino Town, Stanley Park, Museum, Science World

It was the long weekend as it was our Civic Holiday. Hubby (Brandon's daddy) surprised us on a road trip to Dino Town (in Chilliwack) on Saturday, August 1st. Pretty exciting for Brandon. It was really nice and sunny too. The part he loved the most are the swings that were hanging on the tree house.

On Sunday August 2nd, *daddy* surprised us again and took us to Stanley Park to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. Again another nice and hot sunny day, but we found out there was a very long line up to get in. I was like, "Holy Moly!" Must be because of the long weekend. We didn't want to wait outside and be exposed to the sun (if only there was shade or covered).

We walked back towards the parking lot and passed by swings. Brandon saw it and pointed to it, telling daddy he wants to play. It was nice that it was in the shade with a lot of trees. Brandon couldn't get enough of the swings and he wanted more. He started whining after we had to take him out.

The photos are a bit blurry because I didn't bring my good camera. Brandon was also moving about.

We left the Vancouver Aquarium at Stanley Park and decided to go to Science World.

The next day (Monday, August 3rd), we went to UBC Museum of Anthropology. Lots of Native history and totems. Not really too much exciting for me tho.

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