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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brandon's first McDonalds

It wasn't expected where we were going for lunch, but we ended up at McDonalds eating burgers and fries. Originally was driving to North Vancouver to the Capilano Mall. But because of traffic on the Second Narrows Bridge, we decided to turn off the exit on Hastings St. prior to the tunnel.

So at McDonalds, daddy gave him a few bites of fries and just a taste of his quarter pounder burger. He actually didn't eat any. We just let him lick the burger. It was really cute. Of course, we fed Brandon his baby food and cereal. After lunch, we went to a nearby park for a brief moment on the swings just for Brandon.

Also, it was supposed to be a day for Brandon to go swimming at Watermania with my sis and her husband (my brother-in-law). I didn't have a ride so they were supposed to pick us up while my hubby is out for his hockey game. My brother-in-law called me last minute that they slept late and wanted to sleep in. I was mad about it as I had everything packed and ready to go... and got all excited about it.

Instead of going to the pool in the afternoon, I decided to tag along with my hubby to his hockey game and walk over to the mall nearby. Brandon and I did not watch the entire game. We spent most of the time at Richmond Centre Mall. There wasn't anything interesting, so I didn't buy or spend anything. I usually spend or buy stuff when I'm not in a good mood.

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