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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Infant Powdered Formula vs. Concentrated Formula

I have just learned that the powdered formula has a different taste from concentrated formula. And also, this is for the same brand and kind. Recently we have just finished feeding the last can of Heinz Nurture concentrated formula to Brandon. He had no problems taking it.

Now I have the powdered can of Heinz Nurture that I kept (which was also given for free by the company as I am on the Heinz Baby Club). When I gave the prepared powdered type formula to Brandon, he made a face and hurled after a few sips. I then tasted it myself and noticed it had a sour taste. Even though it is the same brand and same kind (but one is just liquid and other is powder), I am wondering why it would taste different. I prepared a bottle again the next day and still not the same as the concentrate formula. I was disappointed. So it was kind of wasted.

I have 2 more Heinz powdered infant formula that I will try to give away or trade for the concentrated kind. For now, I will continue to breastfeed as usual. He was only given formula whenever we go out or during dinner.

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