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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Make a Bath Visor

Washing your baby's or toddler's hair can be a struggle trying to keep the shampoo or water from getting into the eyes or running down the face, but I would recommend using a bath visor. I learned about it when I saw it at the store one day, but it costs like $10 for a piece of foam. It also looks cute, but I didn't buy it though.

To save a bit of money, I decide to make one myself. Also, because I remembered I still have a scrap piece of craft foam left that I used for scrapbooking. You can make your own bath visor as well. It's a very easy and fun project.

These are the patterns and the idea I followed:

What you'll need:
- craft foam
- scissors
- elastic band
- pen
- large bowl or something round for tracing

1) Trace half a circle on the craft foam. Also make another half circle on the inner side.
2) Cut out the shape and leave the ends a bit longer, where the elastic will attach.
3) Cut a small hole on each end and tie a knot on one end of the elastic.
4) Make adjustments if necessary by measuring it on your baby's head.

Hope this helps. Here's what the finished project looks like:

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Anonymous said...

You've got some remarkable skills. You should be putting up a business with all these creations of yours. Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

Jennie said...

Thanks for the comment. Not sure if you or anyone else tried my tutorial. It works for me and it saves me time.

Daiva said...

It doesn't leak at all? I was thinking of using foam and then some sort of rubber near the head part to keep water away, but you say it works well just like that for you?

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