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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graco Pack 'n Play Playpen

Toys R Us Canada

Last night we finally set up the playpen for our little baby Brandon. He sat in there for the first time and he was happily playing with his toys. My reviews: I find that the bassinet that hangs over is a little lumpy, but I don't use it and he's over the limit weight anyways. It's quite portable for traveling.

I recommend this product for your child to sit and play in if you need to step away for a bit. I let my baby sit in it while I do my work, fold my laundry, or cook dinner. I am able to see him and make sure he is safe.

My cat Momo gave a reaction to the new playpen thing. He stared cautiously through the mesh watching little Brandon. Momo was being nosey and looked like he was ready to run away as if it was going to chase him. It was so funny!

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