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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby's Got the Cheek Rash Again

So I realized baby Brandon's cheek rash came back. It was worst this time under his chin more than his cheeks. I am suspecting it's the spicy food I've been eating these past few days? The only spicy stuff I had was nacho cheese dip (spicy flavor) with my chips. I didn't really clue in if it was something I ate that caused rash on baby's cheeks (as I am still breastfeeding). Instead, I kept trying to recall what he ate instead. Maybe it was the pear puree I mashed up for him and gave him an allergic reaction; maybe it wasn't. He hasn't been falling asleep very well lately probably due to the irritation.

What do you other moms think? I'll lay off on the spicy foods for now and see what happens.

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