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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Young Boy Hit My Son With A Stick

It was Monday and we got back from Ottawa the previous night. I was excited to hear Brandon sharing his adventures at the Kid Food Nation Gala. Then after school came and I picked him up. Brandon decided to play a little while in the playground and I waited. It was a good day until the unexpected happened.

I watched Brandon walking in the distance towards the primary playground while I close to the intermediate playground. I took a glimpse and saw him near a small child and his mother. I noticed the child swinging a wooden stick, but I didn't think much of it as he didn't seem to be harming anyone. Then not too long, Brandon came running to me crying really hard. I didn't see past the fence of the parking lot to see what exactly happened. Brandon said the boy hit him hard with the stick.

I walked over with him to the boy and his mother. I pretended not knowing what happened and asked her to find out her response. She didn't mention at all about her boy hitting Brandon with the stick. She just said Brandon was trying to kick him, which I know he wasn't as I saw. Brandon got agitated because he was being accused. The mother didn't apologize.

Brandon's finger was red and swollen, so we went to the school office and got some ice. We talked to the Principal as well. He said he will take care of the matter and contact the parent of the child.

It's so sad to find there are parents who don't take responsibility for their child's actions. A little boy (about 4 years old maybe) hit Brandon with a wooden stick and the mother of that child doesn't admit what her boy did, but instead blames my child for trying to kick him. Not even sure why he has a stick. It's not a stick where it can be found on the ground. It's an actual straight polished wooden stick!

I've seen the mother before, but I do not know her or her kids. I used to smile to her when I pass by.   Now, every time I see her, it makes me angry.  

If it was my child who hurt another child, I would tell him to apologize. What would you do if you were in my situation or if you were the other parent?


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