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Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer School

It's the first Monday of July and it marks the first day of Summer School. We went a little bit early to find Brandon's classroom. Traffic near the school was crazy with cars parked on both sides and only one lane in the middle. But now I know to turn off one block early to avoid the traffic jam. It was our first time visiting this elementary school. Brandon was taking an art class. At first, he was really nervous because it was a new school and new people. He started to get used to it and seemed fine afterwards without me in the classroom.

Traffic jam between classes.

Showing me his coloring. He seems to be enjoying the class.

Photos do look quite a bit yellowish. It's because of the wildfire smoke blown over and covering up our city. We had an air quality advisory for the past couple of days! :(

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Wheelchair said...

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Transport Chair

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