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Friday, December 12, 2014

Brandon's Taekwondo Yellow Belt Test

It was a long day for us. I picked up Little Brandon from school and we went straight to the Centre to get ready for the Taekwondo Test. It was his yellow belt promotion test. Before we arrived, he was definitely nervous. I gave him a snack and told him I added a bit of luck into it to make him feel better. At the end of the test, everyone did a great job and was promoted to their next level. I am proud of Little Brandon for trying his best.

Congratulations to everyone!

Brandon doing some kicks and board-breaking...

Thanks to the amazing instructors (Master Woo and Instructor Liam) for the excellent training and making it fun for the kids!

And a special thanks to Master Kook for the opportunity to be part of his Taekwondo Community.

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