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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recap on Jones Park Fun Day Event

When I heard that there was going to be a event at Jones Park, it reminded me of the similar event we attended last year. This year, Jones Park Fun Day happened on Saturday, July 26th from 12pm to 3pm located near 37th Avenue and Commercial Street (parallel to Victoria Drive) in Vancouver. We went over there after having lunch at a nearby restaurant.

At the park, there were games, crafts, music, balloon animals, and more. From far away, we heard music and people hula dancing. The first thing we did when we got there was go to the craft table.

Here's Little Brandon making a photo frame.

Brandon made a Pokemon button pin.

Then we headed over to the South Van Policing Community Booth. Brandon got to spin the wheel to win stuff. I filled out a survey and received a free pen. While I did that, hubby took little Brandon to the Fire Engine and met the fire chief who gave Brandon some stickers.

The line up for the balloon animals took a bit long. Hubby stood in the line while Brandon and I stepped over to the other side of the playground to explore what other activities were available.  There was also a bouncy castle, BBQ, hot dogs, and food, but we had to pay for those. I didn't buy anything because I didn't want to spend anything.

The organizer mentioned prior to the event that Queen Elsa from Disney "Frozen" would make an appearance, but we didn't get to see her even tho we were there for almost the entire time. However, we did see the policing community's squirrel mascot. We took photos with him.

I forgot to bring sunscreen, but good thing there were few nice big trees to give us enough shade. Finally, after waiting a long time and 30 minutes left, Brandon finally got his balloon animal before heading home.

Little Brandon had a great time. Volunteers were quite organized and helpful. Thanks to the organizers for a fun day at Jones Park.

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