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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Funky Monkey Snacks Review & Giveaway


What are Funky Monkey Snacks? These are freeze-dried organic fruit snacks that are all natural and nutritious. I was given the opportunity to try a few of the 7 flavors available: Carnaval Mix (banana, pineapple, apple, and papaya), Purple Funk (banana and acai), and JiveALime (pineapple and lime).

With warm weather, comes the opportunity to get out more – hiking, biking, traveling. The easiest thing to take along in your bag is a bar, but so many of these contain processed ingredients and aren't comparable to the benefits of "whole foods."

Funky Monkey Snacks are all-natural, organic, raw, vegan snacks that are small enough to take anywhere (they come in two sizes and several flavors). They are a great way to sneak in extra fruit into your diet as well.

It comes in small foiled packages to keep fresh. It's also the perfect size for little ones like Brandon to pack in his snack box at preschool. Each package contains 1 serving of fruit. Unlike other dried fruits or fruit chips, Funky Monkey Snacks are not oily.

I was a little disappointed when the fruit snacks got crushed in the mail and half it were crumbs. But they were really tasty and little Brandon really loves them. We both love the super crunchiness! When I mentioned to him about the name of the snacks, it made him think it was something fun to eat. Yes, I think the name was catchy too. Brandon's favorite out of the 3 flavors we had was the Carnival mix because it had a variety of fruits. My favorite is the Purple Funk. Unlike other dried fruits or fruit chips, Funky Monkey Snacks are not oily.

- organic
- vegan
- raw
- gluten-free
- peanut-free
- no sugar added
- no preservatives
- fat-free

I learned that these snacks are produced in Brazil, near where the fruit is grown to ensure all of the premium-quality ingredients are harvested and freeze-dried at the peak of freshness. Different from other freeze-dried fruits on the market which can have a powdery and styrofoam-like texture, Funky Monkey's proprietary method of freeze-dryig creates a snack that has the crunchy appeal of more traditional snack foods.


One (1) lucky reader gets to win a variety of the Funky Monkey Snacks. Chosen winner will be selected via through Rafflecopter and is open to US and Canada (ends May 12, 2012).

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Disclosure: I received samples from the Company/PR Firm in exchange of my opinion in this post. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Amy C said...

One of the benefits is that the snacks are made from 100% Real Fruit.

LJ said...

The freeze drying maintains all the nutrients of fresh fruit.
Laura snookie_pooathotmaildotcom

gibberish said...

One of the benefits is that the snacks are USDA organic.
gibberish (Julie G.)

flowerchild said...

The freeze drying maintains all the nutrients

Glogirl said...

One of the benefits of these snacks is that they retain all the nutrients and flavour of fresh fruit.

Lisa Smith said...

Funky Monkey is a nutritious product that contains three of the four daily recommended servings of fruit in every ounce

Unknown said...

Each ounce contains 3 servings of fruit and is 100% natural.

Unknown said...

I love quite a few things about this product. 100% fruit and no sugar added is wonderful. An added bonus is that is it peanut AND tree nut free as we have allergies in my household
- Jasmine B.

Unknown said...

one benefit is its freeze dried! keeps in most nutrients!

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I read that only one ounce of funky monkey is equal to 3 servings of fruit! that is great

Alessandrina said...

One ounce equals three servings of fruit!
Good stuff!!

dreena_b at hotmail dotcom

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