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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ice-Skating for the First Time

It was Brandon's first time ice-skating. I told him the night before so he would know ahead of time where we were going and be prepared for it. After I mentioned it, he first told me he didn't want to because he was afraid he will slip and fall. Then I showed him videos on YouTube of other toddlers ice-skating and most of them had these rails they can hold while on the ice rink.

When we got to the Britannia Community Centre, we walked around to get familiarized with the place. I helped Brandon put on the ice-skates and we even brought own own helmet. I took a few photos with my small camera I had in my pocket.

How did he do you ask? Well, he was a bit nervous at first. I said to him after putting on the skates, "It feels funny when you walk, doesn't it?" He nodded.  I had cleats on (same with most of the other parents), so I didn't skate with him. When I put him on the ice, his feet couldn't stay. We had the railing thing for him to hold. His feet just kept sliding everywhere so I told him to keep them together and pointing straight. After a few laps, both of us got used to it. Brandon held on (like the way he did in the last picture below) and kept his feet together. He likes it when I go fast and he would tell me to go fast when I stopped for a little break. Well, he didn't move his feet at all. He just kept them still while I pushed him along.  I told him to move his feet like he's walking the next time I take him skating.

So he enjoyed the ice-skating. I asked him if he would go again next time and he nodded.

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