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Monday, March 7, 2011

CSN Stores Review: Kid's Backpacks, Lunch Kits, and More

I am so excited to bring you another review with CSN Stores (now part of I am very satisfied with their fast service and smooth delivery. I have ordered with them a few times before and had no hassles. Since I'm located in Canada, I needed some assistance because of the calculation with shipping & international fee amounts.

I've picked up the following items for little Brandon:
- Angel Street Kids Monster Toddler Backpack
- Angel Street Kids Monster Lunch Bag
- Tiger Insulated Lunch Container
- Gingko Panda Babies Stainless Steel 2 Piece Utensil Set

Angel Street Kids Monster Toddler Backpack

The kids backpack is perfect for Brandon to use at pre-school. It was a bit bigger than I thought, but it didn't really matter as he will grow into it. The little monster characters on are cute. Other things that made the backpack adorable are the color patterns, molded zipper pulls, and the overall design.

The website have many toddler backpacks/school bags available, but the ones I like weren't able to ship to Canada. I really wanted the puppy dog one. This one was my other choice and it was perfect for little boy toddlers like Brandon. Yep, Brandon loves it and everytime he goes out, he wants to put his car toys in his new school bag.

Angel Street Kids Toddler Lunch Bag

This lunch bag is perfect for kid's lunch. It is a perfect size and comes with a handle for easy carrying. Since it was small and portable enough for Brandon to carry himself, we also used it as his snack bag and had room to hold his toys when we are out. Since the bag isn't very shallow, it can only fit smaller things such as small toys, juice boxes, small sippy cups, and small snack containers. It isn't like the bigger lunch kits where you can fit a Thermos. Again, it's a perfect size for small toddlers like Brandon to carry themselves. And it was a nice to match up with the backpack.

Tiger Insulated Lunch Container

I never had one of these, but I love it. The Tiger brand Insulated Lunch Box includes 3 compartments to separate food. It only keeps warm for a few hours, enough to last from morning preparation to lunch time (or from afternoon preparation to dinner time). If the liquid does spill, it only leaks a little bit inside the outer container. I was surprise that there weren't any English of the instruction manual. Everything was in Japanese characters.

Gingko Panda Babies 2-piece Utensil Set

When the package arrived, I was expecting it to come with the original box packaging that was show in the picture on the website. Instead, it was wrapped in paper tissue in a rectangular box. It would've been nice to have the spoon and fork displayed in the original box (like the pic on the left) if I were to give it away as a gift.

The stainless steel spoon and fork utensil set had a nice little design. It was small and great for little toddler hands. The spoon was a little bit smaller than the the one's I've been using, but still works for little Brandon. He likes them and felt like he was a big boy using stainless steel ones like us adults (instead of the plastic spoons he had).

Disclosure: I received a gift certificate from in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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