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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steroid-Free Cream (Pimecrolimus) For Eczema

Brandon had an appointment to see a new doctor about his skin problem. The rash under his chin has gotten worst and haven't really healed properly for a few weeks and I was very concerned about the infection. I was asked to bring in the previous cream that Brandon had been using, including the moisturizers. I also mentioned I didn't really like using the cortisol steroid creams all the time because of the side effect of "skin thinning".

The doctor introduced this lotion called Elidel (Pimcrolimus) cream 1%, which is steroid-free prescription cream for the treatment of eczema and safe for children under 2 years old. When I got home, I did some online research about it and to read more info. Everyone should practice this no matter what kind of medication you are prescribed. Also, the cost is quite extreme, but I am partially covered by my husband's health care plan to cover most of it. The doctor asked us to follow up in 3 weeks. I will update here as well on the progress.

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