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Friday, January 22, 2010

Linacare for Baby's Dry Sensitive Skin & Eczema

Recently, my friend recommended me to Linacare skin care products. She mentioned that they have creams and lotions for baby's sensitive skin without the medication. I did some research and I've read a lot of reviews and heard many good things. I also found out that the company is based in Vancouver, my local area.

I used Glaxal Base, which was recommended by my doctor. It keeps the skin moisturized. I like it since it's non-greasy and non-scented, but it still didn't really help with the rashes and itchiness. I apply it several times a day to his arms and legs, and especially around his cheeks and chin area. My little guy, Brandon, still has eczema; and with the cold, dry weather, the dryness keeps coming back. So I am trying the LINACARE for sensitive skin. I would recommend this to moms out there with kids/babies who also suffer from eczema or dry skin. It keeps the skin feeling and looking smooth. As a mom and skeptic, I find that this cream really helps and shows some results after a few days.

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Andrea said...

Eczema in babies can be very complex. But you should be looking for allergens: contact (detergent, dyes, etc.), airborne (pet dander, dust mites, etc.), and ingested (dairy, wheat, soy, dish detergent residue on dishes and utensils, etc.). Detergent residue is a huge problem for children because their skin is more permeable than an adult's. Even just resting their wee faces on your shoulder or on your hair can trigger their eczema. I have a couple of articles on my blog that could be helpful: and particularly, although I have some great tips, too.

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