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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Room Decor: Winnie the Pooh Theme

I was looking on some room/nursery decor themes online and had these great ideas and save money at the same time. Winnie the Pooh characters are my favorite (and so is Brandon's). I had nothing else to do, since my World of Warcraft game account got hacked and is being fixed (that's another story)...

I went online to find some ideas and clipart so then I can print them off my printer. This also saves me from going out and spending on wallpaper. Everything is printed, including the photos. So, anther money-saving solution for me. Yay!

Remember the before and after pics when we first moved Brandon's crib in his own room? [LINK]. I took some snapshots to share with you. Here is what it looks like now with decorations:

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